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The global automobile industry is at the turning point of structural upgrading, after the electrification of automobile, with the development of intelligent system, the trend of application of automobile intelligence is obvious. With the global automotive industry's strategic deployment of intelligent vehicle upgrade, as well as electronics, IT, network communications and other fields and the automotive industry's deepening integration and upgrading, the application of automotive intelligent system more and more extensive.
BYD Electronics fully utilizes the extensive experience in electronics, communications and automotive-related fields, and actively develops of auto intelligent systems, intelligent driving cockpits and autonomous driving systems. Create the industry-leading DiLink auto Intelligent system solutions, innovative introduction of open, intelligent ecology, bring user the future of driving experience. 
Meanwhile, BYD Electronics is also actively promoting other domestic and global auto brands.


With the in-vehicle intelligent module (multimedia central control, 4G/5G communication module, etc.) as the representative products, BYD Electronics and the international mainstream Tier-1 manufacturers continue to work closely together. In the future, BYD Electronics' automotive intelligent systems business will maintain a high-speed growth trend, providing strong momentum for mid and long-term business development.