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Serve global top brand customers

BYD’s mechanical design team with leading technology and more than 15 years design experience can provide prompt, complete and innovative one-stop solution to global customers.
BYD’s design engineers leverage their expertise and experience to provide service to global top brand customers, including mobile phone, tablet, laptop, unmanned drone, robot, etc. Mechanical design team adopts the most advanced CAD design and simulation system to work with our partners to improve design quality and accelerate design cycle time.

70% engineers have more than 10 years design experience. We can provide product design, mechanical innovation, simulation analysis, technical guidance etc. by leveraging our rich experience.
High efficiency
Consumer electronics  Automobile industry
Provide one-stop and high-quality mechanical design service from concept to design to mass production, including mobile phone, tablet, unmanned drone, Bluetooth earphone/speaker box, home appliance robot, etc.