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PMH Plastics
PMH Technology, namely Plastic Metal Hybrid Technology, is a kind of technology to achieve integrated forming with plastic and metal. The technology can help high-strength seamless integration between plastic and metal, and thus it can be widely applied in the fields of electronic, electrical appliance and automotive parts, etc. to miniaturize, light and strengthen structure parts or other products.
Various Matrix Material
arious matrix materials can be selected, including PBT+GF, PPS+GF and PPA+GF, coordinating to requirements of different post-processing.
Low- dielectric constant (Dk) PBT+GF, the lowest Dk is down to 2.9, besides, 3.3 and 3.5 specifications are also available.
The matrix materials can be well anchored on aluminum by injection molding , the maximal anchoring strength between plastic and aluminum is up to 70 MPa (PPA+GF).
We have abundant experience on mass production through more than 100 MP projects, which ranging from middle frame and back shell of smartphone and A-shell of laptop.We also have abundant experience on color matching, more than 120 productions with different color have been mass produced so far.