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Material And Composition Analysis

Provide solutions for customers on product problems
Material analysis laboratory can provide metal material test, non-metallic material test, organic polymer material test and so on. Through material analysis, formula analysis, performance analysis, provide targeted solutions in product performance improvement, process improvement and other issues for customers.
According to the domestic and foreign environmental protection regulations, we also provide the testing service of hazardous substances to make the products meet the requirements of relevant directives.
Analysis of inorganic materials
Element composition analysis
Metal brand identification
Analysis of organic materials
Principal component and inorganic filler test (FT-IR)
Thermal analysis (DSC)
Basic performance parameters test of petrochemical products (coating, oil analysis, chemical plating products)
Component analysis (chromatography)
Testing of hazardous substances
RoHS 2.0
Halogen and sulfur
Unknown /Foreign matter analysis
Analysis of metal brand
Unknown /Foreign matter analysis

Are you carrying out product analysis, product failure analysis, and solving abnormal quality problems? Please pay attention! Here, starting from the needs of customers, different methods are used for composition analysis, structure analysis, morphology observation, etc., and then the unknown / foreign matter composition is recombined.

Application 1

Foreign matter composition analysis of spots, oil, powder or mist on solid surface, looking for pollution sources or processes, eliminating hidden dangers and improving product quality.

Application 2

Unknown matter analysis of product components, optimization by comparing the differences of products from different suppliers and customers.

Analysis of metal brand

Do the metal parts and materials provided by the suppliers meet the purchasing standards? International brand products have excellent performance and long service life. Apart from structural design, what is the special material selection? Material composition is the key factor affecting product performance, and metal brand analysis arises at the historic moment

Step 1: qualitative analysis of elements

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) was used to determine the basic material and element composition of the samples.

Step 2: quantitative analysis of elements

Atomic absorption spectrometry, emission spectrometry, high frequency infrared spectroscopy and other analytical techniques (ICP-OES, AAS, carbon sulfur analyzer, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer) were used to quantify the elements in the samples.

Step 3: brand identification

According to the quantitative analysis data of each element, combined with the brand manual / standard, the metal brand of the sample was identified.