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Environmental reliability test

Comprehensive testing services
Environmental reliability test refers to accelerated life test of products of the ability to sustain climate change and natural aging, and packaging reliability assessment.
There are all kinds of testing devices, including high precision temperature and humidity environment box, temperature rapid transformation temperature shock box, QUV aging test chamber, sunlight aging test chamber, dust test chamber, dust test box, drench water sealing test system, air pressure chamber, outdoor corrosive salt spray test chamber, etc all kinds of test equipment, can provide all kinds of environment simulation in product development/validation phase,, such as temperature and humidity, weather, salt fog, and other environment, to assess whether there is any electronic components failure, abnormal solder joints, structural damage, the function, as well as the appearance of abnormal phenomenon, provide comprehensive testing services for our customers.
Test items:
High and low temperature storage test
High and low temperature operation test
temperature impact test
salt mist test
air pressure test
rapid temperature aging test
dust test
QUV light aging test
sunlight aging test
condensate test
water spray testing
cooling temperature test
temperature and humidity test
packaging test