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Electroacoustic test

Electroacoustic test and sound quality measurement technology
Electroacoustic test mainly refers to the quality testing service for electroacoustic products.
Audio Lab

The Audio lab is equipped with industrial advanced professional testing equipment, such as ACQUA system, full anechoic room FAIST, artificial head HATS, etc., which can provide testing services in line with 3GPP TS-26131, TS-26132, EN50332 and other standards for various types of electronic products, such as electroacoustic products (earpieces, microphones, loudspeakers, etc.), vehicle mounted electronics and its components, mobile communication terminals, etc.

RF test coverage standard range
Sending sensitivity/frequency response
Stability margin
Sending loudness rating
Sending Distortion
Receiving sensitivity/frequency response
Ambient Noise Rejection
Receiving loudness rating
Receiving Distortion
Side Tone Masking Rating (STMR)
Idle channel noise——Sending
Echo Loss (EL)
Idle channel noise——Receiving