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EMC test

Provide R&D pre-certification testing and CE / FCC / CTA certification testing services
EMC test mainly refers to the comprehensive evaluation and testing service of electronic products in terms of electromagnetic interference value and anti-interference ability.
The laboratory is equipped with professional 3 meter full anechoic chamber, 3 meter semi anechoic chamber and shielding room provided by ETS, a well-known manufacturer in the industry. The main test systems are: conducted disturbance voltage test system, EMI automatic test system R&S TS9976, EMS automatic test system, R&S TS9981 / TS9982 It can also perform some RF radiation tests, including RSE, ERP / EIRP, bandedge, and provide accurate and efficient R &D pre-certification testing and CE / FCC / CTA certification testing services.
Main test items
EMS test
The test is to evaluate the external interference to the equipment. The test items include RS / CS / ESD / AC / DC.
RS: Simulation of scenarios in which interference is continuously coupled into equipment in the form of space radiation (EN61000-4-3 / GBT 17626.3)
CS: analog interference is continuously coupled into the environment of the equipment through transmission lines (power line, signal line, ground wire) (EN61000-4-6 / GBT 17626.6)
ESD: simulate the impact of static electricity on equipment in daily life. (EN61000-4-2/GBT17626.2)
AC/DC: simulate the short-time transient impact of specific interference on equipment through transmission line, including EFT (EN61000-4-4 / GBT 17626.4) surge (EN61000-4-5 / GBT 17626.5) dip (EN61000-4-11 / GBT 17626.11) DC in accordance with ISO7637-2 / GBT21437-2
EMI test
The assessment is the impact of the equipment on the outside world. The test includes RE/CE and some RF radiation tests, such as RSE / ERP / band edge.
RE: test the radiation interference field strength of test equipment through space (EN 55032 / CISPR 32 / GB9254 / FCC part 15b 109 / 15C 209)
CE: test the disturbance of the test equipment to the surrounding environment through the power line, signal port and control port (EN 55032 / CISPR 32 / GB9254 / FCC part 15b 107 / 15C 207)
RSE: test the radiation of the device under test at the discrete frequencies except carrier frequency, sideband and adjacent channel caused by normal modulation and switching transients during standard signal modulation (EN 301511 / en301908 / en 300328)
ERP / EIRP: verification of effective omnidirectional radiation power / effective radiation power of equipment under test (EN 300328)
Band edge: check the edge carrier signal of receiving and testing equipment. (FCC Part 15C 247 )